you'll eat what's
put on the table,
is not our philosophy...

we enjoy consciously

The purpose of life is to enjoy it! It’s our job to ensure that! We love using high-quality, healthy food. It’s our pleasure to leave you satisfied and in a good mood. Our passion and joy is the most important ingredient in our food!


The basis for a healthy planet and healthy people is treating plants and animals with respect. No one can change the world on their own, but everyone can make a contribution. More and more people are realising this. They understand that in the future it will become more important to protect ecosystems, not exploit them. This development will change our lives. It will be a different world in which we as humanity can live well without destroying our children’s future prospects.

We want to be a part of this and stand up for the health of our planet.

organic farming

We want to promote organic farming in Germany and beyond. This is primarily about ecological ethics and an awareness of the importance of a respectful approach to nature’s resources. Biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are vital because clean air and water are essential for us all.

That’s why we primarily use fairly and sustainably grown fruit and vegetables in our kitchen that do not require growth accelerators or pesticides – this saves resources and simply tastes better!

On request, we use only organic products in the preparation of our food.

vegetarian + vegan cooking

Vegan is the zeitgeist, simply the logical consequence when it comes to the preservation of our planet. Mentioning key words like climate change, intensive livestock farming and resource wastage is enough to clarify what’s at stake.

Our vegan cooking is versatile and opens up a new culinary world for you with exciting foods you may have never tasted.

Have you ever tried Kala Namak salt? A type of salt with an egg-like flavour. Let us surprise you.

regionality sourced

Using regionally produced products has so many advantages: short transport routes keep the ecological footprint small, the food has a lot of nutrients because it is fresh, providing you with a rich and balanced diet. It encourages creativity in our kitchen and we love that.

Personal contacts with producers gives us insights into their daily challenges and an appreciation of the real product.

But we’re not dogmatic about it, and we definitely also use the occasional exotic spice and product here and there.

fair + diverse

We say ‘no’ to careless, soulless food! But we say ‘yes’ to alternatives that you will love.

Our Cologne-based catering service is always tailored to your needs. Be it seasonal catering for a corporate event or a regional buffet for a birthday party.

We are as likely to offer backstage catering for performing artists using seasonal foods as we are to cook vegan food for a wedding. And we are just as happy to provide a vegetarian buffet and finger food for a trade fair or big party.

after a good meal
you can forgive everyone, even
your relatives
wilhelm busch